Can you capture innovation in a logo?

Leading companies are creating innovation-oriented laboratories, or idea spaces, to help them solve complex business problems by encouraging multidisciplinary teams to work collaboratively in an idea conducive environment – the CIB Equinox/Wonderland is one such laboratory. A ‘creative hub for rent’, it’s a place where great minds meet to develop concepts and ideas; a multipurpose working space where our clients can engage with one another to achieve their ambitions, and it’s an opportunity for us to connect with our clients.

Equinox has been designed as an innovation hub with different labs (rooms) to create ideas, advance thinking and problem solve. It will remove our clients from the ordinary and create an ecosystem of innovation and groundbreaking ideas.

Our solution: 

The logo was developed to work in the Equinox – the colours selected echo those used in the space as well as the colours seen in the Aurora Borealis. The typeface is neutral so as not to distract, but at the same time it is confident and elegant.

The Equinox brand, while living in the Absa family, attempts to illustrate the abstract nature of the thought process through a series of intersecting and overlapping lines. Ideas are born where these lines meet.

Shifting perspectives and collaboration are essential ingredients for any form of innovation – the ‘X’ in Equinox represents a location (“X marks the spot”), collaboration (intersection of lines) and innovation (through subtle, yet powerful directional lines).