This is us

We are a cross-functional team engineered to connect strategy, brand and communication. Yeah, we are a small team, but we like it that way because its keeps us fast and adaptable and places our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Marisa Archary (Holley) - Strategy Director

A multi-dimensional strategist with a creative honours degree in design, brand strategy, disruptive strategy and a Master’s in Business Administration. She is always learning something new, always asking why and then finding new ways to solve challenges in a collaborative and inclusive way.

Sashica Archary – Digital

Sash likes to see things from new angles and prides herself on thinking differently. A versatile and multi-talented employee, she is passionate about cinematography, along with photography and animation. Sash is well-travelled and as a result has a worldly
perspective. Sash holds an Honours degree in Cinematography.

Itsoseng Matsane – Art Director

Itsoseng is an introverted extroverted designer/art director. He is able to creatively tackle any problem that come his way and is constantly cooking up proactive ideas.  He holds a BA degree in Communication design and comes with years of experience in advertising.

Veejay Archary – Creative and Strategy Director

A thought leader, who wears both a business and strategist hat, Veejay is the Creative and Strategy Director of the Black Africa Group. He’s responsible for managing the output of creative resources through direction, mentoring, strategic innovation and alignment to global trends.

Liam McAlpine – Senior Designer

Liam is a passionate and multi-disciplinary designer, with a rich background in multimedia. Liam cut his teeth early on as a digital designer, then sought out passions in the music industry. He stretched his legs on film sets making commercials, and brought this experience back with him to the world of graphic design, whether it be print, digital or motion. Liam is a thinker and a maker.

Natali Dukhi – Integrated Marketing

Natali is an integrated marketing professional who is solution orientated and results driven. She is currently completing her BCOM Marketing.

Bata Stojanovic – Senior Finished Artist

With over 20 years experience in Finished Art, Bata has the technical skills and knowledge, backed-up with exceptional attention to detail and print execution.

Mulalo Mankhili – Junior strategist and researcher

Mulalo is an introvert with extroverted thinking. She loves being creative and coming up with new ideas. She is a big problem solver with the ability of helping others and learning new things. Mulalo holds an honours degree in Marketing and strives for innovation and strategic formulation.