How do we create clarity in complexity?

NEXTEC for EOH Holdings represents an important milestone in the history of EOH. It is not often at EOH that they launched new brands and new companies, in fact the last time they launched a new company was 20 years ago. They had reached a point in their development, in their journey that has brought them to a new brand emerging. It is the beginning of “their NEXT” as a collective at EOH.

Our work is the result of a collaborative journey with EOH that started in August 2017, a journey of questions and possibilities centred on change and future potential – with their customers needs firmly at the centre of that. The questions were; how do they position themselves in the market; how do they position their collective businesses to be optimally primed for sustainable growth and development. Even more important was the question around clarity. When their customers engaged with them do they know what they stood for and what they did, and not just the technicalities but also all the other factors in building brand and business bonding with their customers and communities.

This work represents the outcome of our strategic and creative efforts from visualising this brand to bringing it to life. Moving from just asking questions about change to creating a physical brand that lives and breathes in market.

NEXTEC launch video