Can connections between people build a travel brand?

Travel and booking sites have made the democratisation of travel personal. Social media has fundamentally changed the way that many travel companies communicate with their target markets. For the travel and hospitality sectors, in particular, the rise of the Internet and the increased popularity of social channels has altered travel marketing. From the way that travellers research potential destinations to the activities that they participate in once they arrive, the new ways that consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions has influenced tourism marketing from start to finish. So, we created Soul Traveller social interactions, where people aim to connect and not to impress, as it’s more important having undergone something, than having someone understand.

Our brand strategy focused on sharing of feelings, as travel is exciting, exhilarating, scary, thrilling, breathtaking, and moving – all at the same time. So whether you’re sharing the experience of being a tourist in your own country, riding a bike through a township, or tasting something you’ve never had before, it’s hard not to connect with someone, feel the same as someone else. Something so life changing can only be shared with those you are with at that very moment. Joining a Soul Traveller adventure is your ticket to meeting your new best friend. The insight being that experiences and adventures can only be shared with those you are with at that very moment. We positioned Soul Traveller for truly off-the-beaten-track adventures and destinations, so you share your experiences along the way to encourage understanding and inspire others to do the same.