How do you consolidate one brand across multiple geographies and languages?

Intergovernmental Authority of Development (IGAD) is a well-respected network of communication on the Horn of Africa that is able to deliver on its various mandates by focusing on solving cross cutting issues. Operating as a forum that shares knowledge, facilitates discussions and ensures the implementation of programmes, IGAD members include Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

To develop and consolidate the branding of IGAD, its programmes and institutions. IGAD was looking for a company to develop a new IGAD logo, develop guidelines on consistent use of the logo and the IGAD (visual) brand across the IGAD Secretariat and its specialised programmes, institutions and liaison offices as well as guidelines on branding for the Information and Documentation Unit to implement and monitor.

This entailed assessing the use of the existing IGAD brand, developing, and consolidating a new brand. This was based on the realisation of the need to adopt a brand that reflects the fullness of the organisation’s mandate and ambitions. The revision was aimed at adopting a brand that stood out as well as looked at addressing existing challenges of consistency in application.

We developed a comprehensive brand guideline and user manual for the Information and Documentation Unit to implement and monitor. We developed adaptations of the logo/brand to the unique characters of IGAD’s main specialised units as well as developed designs for printing materials, web pages, presentations, banners, office and vehicle logo signs.