How do you create a compelling brand positioning for an internationally diversified group of companies?

Imperial Holdings is large, generic, decentralized, diverse and entrepreneurial group. However, the global nature of competition and the need to produce greater value for customers and shareholders alike meant a move toward central coordination and the adoption of a single corporate IMPERIAL brand identity.

Value was added to the entire family of subsidiary and European brands and their relationship to IMPERIAL is an asset that is used as competitive advantage. Each brand has the capabilities and autonomy to offer its customers a totally unique brand experience but at the same time have the support of the strong corporate brand.

In this spirit, the IMPERIAL group evolved its identity to express its business strategies with a clearer sense of energy and dynamism, and to convey the wide range of services provided. The new corporate identity is intended to address the successful branding of individual businesses, which may have had no clear link to the group.

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