How do you create a voice for a place?

What we do is a manifestation of upholding constitutionalism. 

The story we tell to ourselves and the world is what binds us and makes us relevant and understood. Sometimes that story gets lost, confused, mixed up with things that we are not. For Constitution Hill we went back to the start of their why, why they stood as a powerful landmark that shaped and continues to shape our society. Yet, despite efforts, many South African’s will never know the Hill. In this engaging process, we sought to re-discover and shape their story, brand identity, visual language and communication strategy so that we could take that story to the world.

The outcome – Constitution Hill stands for many things, but central to this is the constitution – each symbol and mark applied in the identity represents elements of the constitution. Sometimes they stand alone and sometimes they overlap but they are always there as guiding values that drive us forward. In a tactical approach this strategy comes to life in these elements, while visually static on the page, are brought to life through each engagement with the Hill and in on-going communication tactics 2019 and beyond.