How do you create simpler brand rules for a large organisation?

MOTUS is Southern Africa’s consolidated leading and largest automotive group. Previously a member of the Imperial Group,they consolidated their automotivebusinesses under one brand called Motus Corporation. They did this to betterserve their customers and shareholders andstreamlined their business to cut complexity.In doing this they became more connected and integrated.As part of the process of brand consolidation, our task was to ensure brand equity transfer from the Imperial Holding’s equity to the new entity. This was done in through audit and assessment of the current brand positioning and communication to stakeholders across print channels. Second, brand assets and architecture were assessed, simplified and streamlined in line with the new brand. In doing this, a new retail facing brand emerged, one that lived primarily online. was developed as a URL brand and stood out from its architecture while creating an integrated approach to the housing.

Our task was to ensure simplicity and integration so that everything that their customers came to associatewith Imperial’s quality, sense of comfort,innovation and trust, was still Motus with addedfeatures and benefits.