How would we create a deep user journey that is paper thin?

Commissioned catalogue by the Absa Gallery for an exhibition of Kai Lossgott’s “hunter-gatherer”, the solo exhibition following his winning the Absa L’Atelier Award for African Artists.

The creative concept had to take on the 3rd dimension, and break out of the flat world we so often find ourselves in when it comes to the art catalogue. We asked ourselves two questions: How can we create a user journey that teaches our audience about the artist’s process? How can a user experience be about discovery and be user friendly?

We felt it essential to replicate Kai’s process in discovering his own art – that is the journey of re-discovering something in the discarded and unfound. The outer-skin of the catalogue plays two roles – one exists in the way it is folded around the catalogue spreads and entices the user to dig deeper, unpack and discover the work which is held within it. The other is how the cover then takes on a new life as a poster once it has been unfolded.

Intricate and well considered tell-tales assist the user in finding his/her way around the book, but the user must pay attention or they might miss out. Once the book has been prised open, Kai’s world is revealed to them like a pearl within an oyster.