How do you re-energise a sports brand with loyal followers?

The SuperSport brand has created a considerable amount of brand equity over time. However, they had lost the opportunity to build consistent brand assets as extensions of the logo that they could own. The brand strategy defines the core of the brand and how it is visually and verbally demonstrated across all applications. It is a powerful tool in positioning the brand and allowing room for new audiences to connect. Our role in the brand was to ensure that we retained their current audience and position for growth with new ones.

Black Africa was tasked to create a strategy that established key opportunities that may exist within SuperSport’s existing brand equity. We already knew that new markets had emerged and that the current market growth had become challenging. We had to adapt to changing market needs in order to remain relevant.

Our solution was to create a strategy that exposed the opportunities in the SuperSport brand equity; once they were exposed, it would create a reason for people to believe in the brand and gain the brand access to a new market segment. We did this by investigating & offering suggestions on:
Reasons why people would believe in the brand
Reasons why people connect with the brand
The different ways the brand can connect with their audiences
Finally, how audiences access the different content offered

The result of all of this was creating an immersive brand world that integrated all the new improved tactics in order for them to retain their current brand equity and access a new market.