What is the identity of Johannesburg?

Is it the city’s character, its heritage, its buildings, its man-made forest – the largest in the world, its people, its services and amenities that facilitate a visit? Johannesburg is the top of mind destination in Africa for shopping, dining, cultural events, sport, live music, arts as well as emerging strengths in recreation, leisure and intellectual nourishment.

Nearly everyone that lives in Johannesburg is a ‘migrant’, building their careers, raising families and indelibly leaving their mark on the city. The city is a tapestry of textures and diverse in cultures, it is unexpected, unpredictable, yet interesting and often unconventional. It is energetic and alive, never static and always growing and changing. Johannesburg is the antidote to ordinary and routine, it challenges your initial perception of the city and makes a lasting impression on each and every visitor. Johannesburg is arguably the only place in the world with such a diversity of people, interests, music and cultures.

In creating the identity of the city, we took our inspiration from the multi-cultural facets of its people, its layers of history and textures to superimpose all aspects of the city over one another to create a unique, organic and non static type style, that is always being added to, so the identity changes, molds and adapts as the city grows and expands with every change.


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